TRM Interior Floor Warming Systems are innovative, maintenance-free, and energy-efficient, especially when coupled with a programmable TRM brand interior floor-warming thermostat. The constant wattage systems provide a consistent heating output across the entire floor area, preventing cold spots and irregularities, while offering a truly luxurious experience.

Whether for your latest home renovation project or new construction, TRM Electric Interior Floor Warming systems are suitable for a wide range of interior heating applications, such as:
  • Heat Loss Prevention
  • Comfort Floor Warming
  • Supplementary Heating
  • Primary Heating (depending on site conditions)
We offer two different interior floor-heating product types to ensure the correct product is implemented in every situation:
  • Pre-constructed roll-out mats (in various standard and custom sizes)
  • Loose heating cable with an uncoupling (underlayment) membrane (in various standard sizes, and two membrane roll sizes in 54 sq. ft. or 161 sq. ft.)
While TRM’s uncoupling membrane is generally supplied as a system with our loose heating cables, it can also be installed over our heating mats or used as a stand-alone underlayment to provide:
  • Waterproofing – Naturally waterproof (as it is made from polypropylene) and provides added protection for indoor installations in areas that are prone to water damage
  • Uncoupling/Crack Isolation – Compensates for the longitudinal movement between the subfloor and the tile preventing breakage
  • Vapor Management – Allows air pockets to form between the subfloor and membrane; excess moisture from the substrate creates a vapour cycle that balances the vapour content of the substrate
  • Load Distribution – Patented design allows the floor load to be evenly distributed from the tile covering to the subfloor to prevent breakage

Either system can provide the same heating output of 12-15w/sq. ft. However, depending on the room dimensions, intent of the heating system, installation timeframes, and your budget, we may recommend one product that is more suitable than another. Our product experts can help you find the perfect interior floor warming system, no matter how big or small.