TRM Alloy 825 and Stainless Steel Mineral Insulated Heating Cables are constructed from high-grade materials to create a resulting product that can tolerate the extreme operating conditions found in commercial and industrial applications.

TRM Alloy 825 and Stainless Steel MI Heating Cables are constructed of a seamless 825/SS sheath, with either a single or dual copper/alloy heating conductor, encased in a highly compressed magnesium oxide powder. The cable is engineered in a series-resistant configuration, which provides a constant wattage output to suit various heating projects.

These cables are sturdy, chemical-resistant, and corrosion-resistant. Designed for industrial and high-temperature maintenance applications, they are built to last and can withstand the harshest environments.

These cables are ideal for:
  • Petrochemical and refineries
  • Food processing
  • All types of factory and production environments
  • Process maintenance
  • High temperature process pipes, vessels, and tanks
  • Heat raise applications
  • Corrosive and harsh environment heat tracing
  • Trench drain de-icing

Every TRM MI heating cable is designed and manufactured by hand to suit your specific application at our CSA-approved facility in Markham, Ontario. Due to the custom nature of this product’s application, TRM Alloy 825 and Stainless Steel Mineral Insulated Heating Cables are made to order. As such, lead times are subject to product availability and production schedules. TRM MI cables are built to last, but they are easy to test, fault-locate, and repair (should the need arise) to avoid any costly downtime in the future.


Alloy 825 & SS MI Heating Cable

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