TRM HDPE (high-density polyethylene) Jacketed Copper Mineral Insulated Heating Cables are engineered and manufactured to provide solutions for many residential, commercial and industrial applications, including:

  • Snow melting on ramps, parking lots, entrances, stairs, walkways, etc.
  • Roof and gutter de-icing
  • Frost heave prevention
  • Heat loss replacement
  • Interior floor warming (where higher watt densities are required)

TRM MI heating cables are constructed from high-grade materials to create a resulting product that is both robust and rugged, while remaining flexible and easy to install. Each MI heating cable is made from a seamless copper sheath, with either a single or dual copper/alloy heating conductor, encased in a highly compressed magnesium oxide powder and covered by a high-density polyethylene outer jacket. The cable is engineered in a series-resistant configuration, which provides a constant wattage output.

Every TRM MI heating cable is designed and manufactured by hand to suit your specific application at our CSA-approved facility in Markham, Ontario. Standard heating element designs are carried in stock and ready to go, so we can offer quick turnaround if your project has time constraints. TRM MI heating cables are built to last, but they are easy to test, fault-locate, and repair (should the need arise) to avoid any costly downtime in the future.


HDPE Jacketed Copper MI Cables

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General Heat Tracing Accessories

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HDPE MI Heating Cable