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Extra Duty Weatherproof Cover

mounting screws, base and cover assembly, inserts for a variety of applications.

. Comply with 2014 Article 406.9(B)(1) for wet locations and extra-duty applications,
and meet UL 514D standard.
. UV stabilized polycarbonate for longtime durability.
. Cover mounts horizontally or vertically with base.
. Includes 2 inserts matching decorative devices, duplex receptacles, and a variety of
single receptacles and toggle switches.
. Cover: UV stabilized polycarbonate(PC) plastic.
. Certified for Type 3R.
. Outdoor Enclosures
. Cover cord opening: Horizontal- 2 cord outlets 0.5″ wide by 0.9″ high.
Vertical- 2 cord outlets 0.5″ wide by 0.9″ high.
. Gasket: PE with slits for mounting screws
. Cord size: Fits #12AWG or lighter cord.
. Hinge Pin: Plated steel
Product Dimensions:
The single gang extra-duty plastic weatherproof cover(SWP25005) is with a gasket