The Leviton Smart Load Centre with Internet Connectivity

Take power to new heights with the award-winning Leviton Load Center – the industry’s most intelligent circuit breaker system. With optional Internet connectivity, an all plug-on design for easy installation and safety features that exceed the UL standard, the Leviton Load Center offers unparalleled energy management of your home’s electrical system.

A Smart Home Needs a Smart Circuit Breaker!

Leviton Smart Load Center

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Leviton has everything you need to make your smart home even smarter! Homeowners who choose to install Leviton Smart Circuit Breakers into their Leviton Load Center panel can connect to the My Leviton app and enjoy easy access to their load center’s data via a smartphone, tablet or desktop.

What You Need to Make a Leviton Load Center Smart:

Leviton Smart Centre

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Leviton App Energy Use

Energy Use

  • View real-time energy consumption: total aggregate, individual circuit, or trends by day, week, month, and year
  • Calculate your approximate total energy cost per month

Leviton Control Centre


  • Remotely turn OFF any circuit breaker1
  • View system status in real time and detect if critical loads need to be addressed

Leviton Alerts

Alerts & Updates

  • Know when and why a circuit breaker trips
  • Be informed if a load is ON or not drawing power for an extended time
  • Via remote firmware updates, get the latest protection capabilities and newest features

Leviton App