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Farm Energy and Agri-Processing Program (FEAP)

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The Farm Energy and Agri-Processing Program shares costs with the agriculture and agri-processing sector on energy efficiency investments. The Program is designed to encourage energy management which will result in cost savings, energy conservation, and ultimately, reduced greenhouse gas emissions. 

The Program offers financial support, subject to financial constraint, to applicants who incorporate high efficiency equipment that is identified in the applicable Funding List in their construction and/or retrofitting projects.

More information can be found here

BNI Program Updates

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Updates to the Business, Non-Profit and Institutional Energy Savings Program
A New Year is always a time to embrace change, strive to make improvements, and progress toward the exciting future ahead. At Energy Efficiency Alberta, that includes continuing our efforts to work with Albertans to lower our carbon footprint in the province.

In 2017, Energy Efficiency Alberta launched a number of programs which promote the adoption of cutting-edge technology to reduce emissions in the province. In May, we launched the Business, Non-Profit, and Institutional (BNI) Energy Savings Program to encourage organizations to replace outdated and inefficient equipment faster than they may normally, to help reduce energy consumption and help them save costs.

The interest in the program has been incredible. The large number of applications is indicative of the level of excitement for energy efficiency programs within the province and the willingness of Albertans to make a difference. The level of interest also brought some challenges in terms of the time required to process the applications.
We surveyed participants for feedback about what is working and where we can improve. We heard your feedback and have made improvements to better meet the needs of the Alberta market. Today, we are pleased to announce the following changes that improve the application processes and make the savings benefits of the program even more accessible to Alberta businesses, non-profits and institutions.

Exciting Improvements to the BNI Program are Now in Effect
As of January 15, 2018 the following changes to the program are effective:

•   Additional funding is available to the BNI program to accommodate even more project applications. This program funding will be available until March 31, 2018 and at that time, funding levels       will be re-evaluated for the next program year.
•   Funding per facility has increased from $60,000 per Site ID to $100,000 per Site ID per year. Annual caps will be assessed by Program Year rather than a 365 day rolling period.
•   23 new measures have been added to the program. Many of these benefit the hospitality and restaurant sectors. See the new Eligible Prescriptive Measures List for details.
•   The incentive amounts have been increased for certain HVAC measures to better reflect the price of products in the Alberta market.
•   The application requirements for many lighting products is now an easier process for customers to navigate. For example, in the application process, specification sheets are no longer required       for products that require Design Lights Consortium (DLC) or EnergyStar qualification. Instead, product reference numbers from DLC or EnergyStar will be required in the online application           process as well as on price-quotes and final invoices. Your product supplier can help you find your DLC or EnergyStar reference numbers.
• Pre-Approval application time frames have been shortened from 12 months to 6 months to ensure funding is available for projects when they need it. (Note: this does not affect projects that have    already been pre-approved. Energy Efficiency Alberta will honour the original 12 month commitment for those projects where funds have already been reserved).
• Private labelled products must have their products listed on the DLC list (where applicable) in order to be eligible for rebates. This will speed up processing times. More information can be found    here (DLC Private Labels).
• Application processes have been refined to speed application submission and processing.
• Product eligibility requirements have been clarified to reduce application errors.

Changes will be noted on the Energy Efficiency Alberta website, and reflected in the updated Terms and Conditions document.
We encourage you to attend one of our upcoming live webinars to learn more about these exciting changes. Learn more and register here!

Industrial Prescriptive Addition
The industrial sector has shown increased enthusiasm about energy efficiency and provides opportunities for a great deal of energy savings. Therefore, we’re excited to announce that as of February 5th new prescriptive rebates for the industrial sector will be launched as part of the BNI program. The pilot industrial program will focus on products that will provide savings in small and medium industrial sectors by targeting a limited list of measures expected to provide significant energy savings. Projects that meet the requirements, with equipment installed between January 15th and March 15th 2018 will be eligible for rebates. Following this pilot program, results will be analyzed and a new plan for the industrial sector will be determined.
The product list for the industrial sector pilot add-on to the BNI program will soon be available on the website.

Upcoming Open House Information Sessions
Please join us at one of these upcoming sessions where we will discuss these exciting changes to the Business, Non-Profit and Institutional Energy Savings Program and answer any questions you may have. No registration required. We hope to see you there!

Edmonton – Holiday Inn Express Edmonton Downtown
February 6, 9:00 am – 11:00 am
February 7, 9:00 am – 11:00 am

Calgary – Sandman Hotel Calgary City Centre
February 14, 9:00 am – 11:00 am
February 15, 9:00 am – 11:00 am

We wish you all the best in 2018!
Energy Efficiency Alberta would like to express appreciation to everyone who has participated in the Business, Non-Profit and Institutional Energy Program to date. A special thanks goes out to everyone who participated in our survey, and who has provided feedback to help us improve our processes as we grow to meet the needs of all Albertans.
We look forward to finding new ways to work with you to reduce energy use, and save customers even more money in 2018.
Please visit or contact one of our service representatives for more information:
Phone: 1-844-357-5604

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