Why Your Project Needs A Light Efficient Design Retrofit
Lots of manufacturers are entering the LED market. But, with eight years as a pioneer in LEDs and the broadest array of state-of-the-art lighting products, Light Efficient Design is the premier source for cost-effective, high performance retrofits.

The Light Efficient Design Advantages:
• Keep Electronics Cool – The biggest enemy of the LED is heat dissipation. Light Efficient Design’s patented designs use a combination of active and passive cooling techniques, such as:
o Long-life “Mag-Lev” cooling fan
o Potted driver

The result: Light Efficient Design’s LEDs perform reliably inside a completely enclosed fixture at temperatures up to 122° Fahrenheit ambient. Most competitors can’t even come close.
• Best Quality Color Rendering – Light Efficient Design uses chips that have been independently tested and certified with LM-80 reports and high color-rendering index (CRI) – a rating unmatched by competitors. Our super-high CRI shows colors for what they are.
• Damp Rated – our lamps will perform in humid environments.
• Surge Protection – Light Efficient Design’s retrofits have dual stage MOVs that gobble up surges, protecting the electronics and keeping the lights on.

Retrofit Anatomy