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Advantek Lighting is a Canadian Wholesaler and Distributor of Quality LED Lighting Solutions Specializing in Commercial, Industrial, Residential and Architectural Lighting Fixtures and Components.


NEW Residential Lighting

Distinctive Designs, Advanced Technologies,
Easy decisions


We are proud to present many collections with striking designs that range from classic to contemporary, technologies from LED to incandescent and many ENERGY-STAR certified lighting collections. All are intended to compliment virtually any interior space, large or small and many will significantly reduce energy costs at the same time. Get a continuous theme in your home by choosing all lights from the same series.


NEW Wireless Control Products

No Wires
No Batteries
No Limits


Would you like to be able to have total control over your interior and exterior lighting for your home, your office, your barn or any commercial building? Receivers, wireless switches and sensors deliver wireless control capabilities to new or existing equipment. These products offer solutions with “no new wires” installation.

Control any light from more than one switch!

Save energy, save money and save time!



In a world with growing concerns over energy conservation & environmental responsibility, the need for change has never been clearer. Technological advancement has made leaps and bounds in the lighting industry in the form of LED lighting. The time to implement change is now. No longer does a choice have to be made between economic feasibility and taking responsibility for the environment. With Advantek’s lighting solutions, both economic and environmental returns are assured now and well into the future.

Our Business

Advantek Lighting’s core business is lighting wholesale but we also provide technical insight and support with our group of industry professionals including licensed electricians that understand your project site. Along with carrying many industry leading brands, Advantek also has some exclusive Advantek products that allow us to be extra competitive and well rounded.

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In addition to sales, Advantek provides:

  • Onsite Evaluations
  • Lighting Layout Designs
  • Try Before You Buy Sample Program
  • Project Financing
  • Lamp and Ballast Recycling
  • Heating Solutions

Financing Available

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Financing Available

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Lighting Layouts

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Lighting Layouts

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